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Fanny Hill

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according to the principles of their soCiety, whatever pleasure was lost
on the side of sentiment, was abundantly made up to the senses in the
poignancy of variety, and the Charms of ease and luxury. The authors
and supporters of this seCret institution would, in the height of their hu-
mour, style themselves the restorers of the golden age and its simplicity
of pleasures, before their innocence became so unjustly branded with the
names of guilt and shame.
As soon then as the evening began, and the shew of a shop was shut, the
academy opened; the mask of moCk-modesty was completely taken off,
and all the girls delivered over to their respective calls of pleasure or in—
terest with their men: and none of that sex was promiscuously admitted,
but only such as Mrs. Cole was previously satisfied with their character
and disCretion. ln short, this was the safest, politest, and, at the same

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176 time, the most thorough house of accommodation in town: every thing

Memoirs of Fanny Hill being Conducted so, that deCenCy made no intrenchment upon the most

Elihu Cleland libertine pleasures; in the practice of which, too, the Choice familiars of
the house had found the secret so rare and difficult, of reconciling even
all the refinements of taste and delicacy, with the most gross and deter—
minate gratiflCations of sensuality.
After having consumed the morning in the dear endearments and in-
struCtions of my new acguaintanoe, we went to dinner, when Mrs. Cole,
presiding at the head of her club, gave me the first idea of her manage—
ment and address, in inspiring these girls with so sensible a love and re-
spect for her. There was no stl'ffness, no reserve, no airs of pigue, or little
jealousies, but all was unaffectedly gay, cheerful and easy.
After dinner, Mrs. Cole, seconded by the young ladies, acguainted me
that there was a Chapter to be held that night in form, for the ceremony
of my reCeption into the sisterhood; and in which, with all due reserve to
my maidenhead, that was to be oCCasionally Cooked up for the first prop-
er chapman. I was to undergo a Ceremonial of initiation they were sure I
should not be displeased with.
Embarked as I was, and moreover captivated with the Charms of my new

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177 companions, I was too much prejudiced in favour of any proposal they

Memoirs of Fanny Hill could make, to as much as hesitate an assent; which, therefore, readily

Elihu Cleland giving in the style of a carte blanche, I reCeived fresh kisses of compli-
ment from them all, in approval of my docility and good nature. Now I
was "a sweet girl... I came into things with a good grace... I was not af-
feCtedly Coy... I should be the pride of the house," and the like.
This point thus adjusted, the young women left Mrs. Cole to talk and
conCert matters with me, when she explained to me, that "I should be in-
troduCed that very evening, to four of her best friends, one of whom she
had, according to the custom of the house, favoured with the preference
of engaging me in the first party of pleasure," assuring me, at the same
time, "that they were all young gentlemen agreeable in their persons, and
unexceptionable in every respect; that united, and holding together by
the band of common pleasures, they composed the chief support of her
house, and made very liberal presents to the girls that pleased and hu-
moured them, so that they were, properly speaking, the founders and pa-
trons of this little seraglio. Not but that she had, at proper seasons, other
customers to deal with, whom she stood less upon punCtilio with, than
with these; for instance, it was not on one of them she could attempt to
pass me for a maid; they were not only too knowing, too much town-bred

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178 to bite at such a bait, but they were suCh generous benefactors to her,

Ellen-mim of Fanny Hill that it would be unpardonable to think of it."


Jahn elda"! Amidst all the flutter and emotion whiCh this promise of pleasure, for
such I conceived it, stirred up in me, l preserved so much of the woman,
as to feign just reluctance enough to make some merit, of sacrificing it
to the influence of my patroness, whom I likewise, still in character, re-
minded of it perhaps being right for me to go home and dress, in favour
of my first impressions.
But Mrs. Cole, in opposition to this, assured me, "that the gentlemen I
should be presented to were, by their rank and taste of things, inflnitely
superior to the being touched with any glare of dress or ornaments, suCh

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